What is QUO Coin | Exploring QuidPro’s in-app Token

What is QUO Coin | Exploring QuidPro’s in-app Token

QUO Coin’s Origin Story

Our journey into the world of cryptocurrencies started off with us logging our trading portfolios in Google Sheets. We realized that we were after a tool that did more than just record portfolio readings. We were looking for a tool that could take the stress and anxiety away from the trading process. In short, we discovered that Trading Bots would be the perfect tool to help us achieve this. With a strong belief in a positive future for cryptocurrencies, we wanted to ensure that we were poised in the right position to launch our business at the turn of the tipping point for the journey to mass adoption.

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Introducing the QuidPro App

QuidPro is a unique platform that holds a provisional patent. The QuidPro Platform can be used to learn about cryptocurrencies and Trading Bots, and it allows users to compete against each other in competitive styled Trading Lobbies. QuidPro allows users to gain trading experience and confidence by experimenting in real-time with the QuidPro Simulated Trading Bots. Once users have the necessary skills and confidence, they use the QuidPro Live Bots to conduct real trades using real funds on exchanges such as Binance. 

In addition to the QuidPro Platform, QuidPro has created its own in-app token called QUO Coin. QUO Coin is pegged to the value of the South African Rand. QUO Coin allows users to compete in the QuidPro Trading Lobbies as well as pay trading fee’s on the Live Bots. 

Where does QUO Coin come from?

QUO Coin is issued by the QuidPro Company. Users exchange South African Rands for QUO Coins – R1 equals 1 QUO. QuidPro is the only authorized creator/distributor of QUO Coins.

Where does Quo Coin get its Value?

QUO Coins’ inherent value comes from its utility within the QuidPro ecosystem. Users in the QuidPro app that are wanting to compete against other traders in QuidPro Lobbies need to use QUO Coins to pay the required Entry Fee to join the QuidPro Lobby. Users that are wishing to use Live Bots and conduct Trades on various cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance, need to use QUO Coins to pay the transaction fees of their Trading Bots. Users can also send/transfer QUO Coin from one user to another using the QuidPro App. 

Where can I get QUO Coins?

QUO Coins can be purchased via the QuidPro Platform, on either web or mobile. QUO Coin is purchased using PayFast as a means of making safe and secure purchases. 

Advantages of QUO Coin

  • QUO Coin has utility in the QuidPro ecosystem which is where it gains its inherent value. 
  • QUO Coin is an in-app token that easily purchased through the QuidPro Trading app and the QuidPro website.  
  • QUO Coin can be used to enter into QuidPro Lobbies.
  • QUO Coin can be used to conduct trades on various cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance.
  • QUO Coin can be sent from one user to another user using the QuidPro Trading app.
  • Users are rewarded QUO Coins for successfully placing the QuidPro Lobbies.
  • There are no fees when winning QUO Coin in the QuidPro Lobbies. 
  • There are no fees when sending/receiving QUO Coin from one user to another.

Disadvantages of QUO Coin

  • QUO Coin currently can only be used in the QuidPro App. 
  • QUO Coin can only be purchased using the QuidPro App.
  • QUO Coin is not yet available on any cryptocurrency exchanges


QuidPro is available on three platforms for your convenience. Try out our crypto trading strategies for beginners today!


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